Project House of Hope Fetesti Renovation

House of Hope Fetesti – Renovation



          In August 2016, Universal Emergency Relief made the first steps towards refurbishing The House of Hope day care centre from the Romanian city of Fetesti.

          Like any other construction project, ours was not spared from typical problems, given the fact that we started the journey with a bit over £2,000, where the total cost of this project is £12,000.



          Until now we spent £5,000. The £700 has been donate by Biserica Raul Sfant London by winning a football championship, £1,000 came from the Romanian Christian Community in London and the rest of £3,300 were raised through the blessing of our brothers in Romania.



          We carefully spent the £5,000 on changing the doors, the windows and laying concrete floor foundation; the walls were concrete plastered, cleaned up the garden and all the greeneries, some of the rooms are decorated, we applied for a fire permit and managed to extend the completion deadline to December 2016.



          At the moment, September 2016, a team of labourers is working at Fetesti. We had to employ a construction firm because the number of volunteers was insufficient.

          The refurbishing plan is not yet completed, but with the help of God in which we trust, our hopes are high for these youngsters to have a shelter sooner rather than later.



          In present we still need £5,100 that should serve for buying a boiler, radiators and all the pipe work; laminated flooring, electrical network and connections, 3 shower cubicles, 3 toilets, 3 sinks, furniture, construction team`s wages and school stationary.

          Among the people that served as volunteers we would like to mention a few: Doru Petre, Hanni, Calin Berende, Mihai Lazar from Caransebes with his team and Florin and Luminita Pana family.